Democracy Under Assault
Theopolitics, Incivility and Violence on the Right

Michele Swenson

Republican Ally Sun Myung Moon
Regards His Adulterous Affairs 'Providential - Ordained by God

Even as relentless pursuit was made of Bill Clinton for his transgressions, justification has routinely been made for the adulterous affairs of political conservatives. Newt Gingrich has been a serial adulterer. Henry Hyde excused his 5-year adulterous affair in his 40s as a "youthful indiscretion." A Republican ally who considers himself exempt from his own preachments regarding the "worst sin" of adultery, Rev. Sun Myung Moon has been reported by CBS 60 Minutes to characterize his adulterous affairs as "providential," the will of God. Moon, who told his former daughter-in-law that beatings at the hands of his drug-abusing son were her fault, has invited participation by conservative legislators to his American Leadership Conferences, held around the country and proffering advice "on character, marriage, parenting and the family."

Regarded a steadfast ally of ultraconservative causes, Rev. Moons Unification-owned The Washington Times newspaper has been promoted by Pat Robertsons Christian Broadcasting Network. Having bailed out Jerry Falwells Liberty University on at least one occasion, Moon was honored in 2000 at a Washington D.C. gathering of ultraconservative luminaries that included Reps. Henry Hyde, Christopher Cox, Tom Tancredo, and Sens. Strom Thurmond and Orrin Hatch.

A political arm of the Rev. Sun Myung Moons Unification Church, the American Freedom Coalition (AFC) was an early champion of the Wise Use Movement, which has sought to expand the legal concept of government takings under the Fifth Amendment to cover any "potential" value of land or business lost to government action (greatly inflating the cost of any proposed environmental protection or regulation).